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List of Committees, Boards, Councils, Associations, Trusts, Foundations, etc that the Public Authority oversees:

Name Meetings

Liquor Licensing Board of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman

Dennis Ebanks JP – Chairman
District Commissioner – Deputy Chairman
Jason McLaughlin – Member
Siobhan Scott – Member
Dave Tatum – Executive Secretary
Cayman Brac and Little Cayman Fire Division – Ex-Officio
O/ic - Cayman Brac Police Station – Ex-Officio
O/ic Environmental Health – Ex-Officio


Sister Islands Annual Agriculture Show Committee

Chevala Burke – Chairman
B. L. (Mark) Tibbetts JP – Deputy Chairman
Saskia Edwards – Secretary
Marcia Rankin – Treasurer
Justin Bodden – Member
Judith Oyog – Member
Venice Tatum – Member
Delroy Bodden Jr. - Member
Pauline Tibbetts - Member
Claudette McKenzie – Member



Development Control Board

E. Ashton Bodden JP – Chairman
Royce Dilbert – Member
Garston Grant Cert. Hon. JP – Member
Zanda McLean – Member
Miguel Martin – Member
Jeanne (Teresa) Tibbetts – Member
Paul Connolly - Member
Andrea Stevens – Executive Secretary

Every 3rd Monday

Sister Islands Emergency Committee

Ernie Scott JP – Chairman
B. L. (Mark) Tibbetts JP – Deputy Chairman
Juliana O’Connor-Connolly MLA JP – Member
Moses Kirkconnell III MLA JP – Member
Justin Bodden – Member
Joseph (Joey) DaCosta - Member
Dale Christian – Member
Jeffrey Jaeger - Member
Dave Tatum – Member
Delroy Bodden – Member
Yvette Dilbert JP – Member
Dr. S. Velusamy – Member
Miguel Martin – Member
Insp. Kevin Bogle – Member
Tate McFarlane – Member
Kennedy Douglas – Member
Robert Arch – Member
Suzette Young-Watson – Member
Andrea Stevens – Member
Devin Tatum – Member
Sheldon Scott – Member
Neila Jones – Member
Delrose Crawford – Secretary/Member
Maria Tibbetts – Recording Secretary/Member


Cayman Brac & Little Cayman Immigration Board

Temple Tatum JP, Chairman
Burnard Tibbetts MBE – Member
Mary Verna Banks – Member
Franklin Bodden – Member
Audley Scott – Member
Assistant Chief Immigration Officer - Member
Sherry Scott – Secretary



All Minutes are only available in hard copy and can be obtained by requesting a copy in writing from the Information Manager at the below address:

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